Learning to See

Beauty is the most fundamental of human existence. Beauty is what truly makes one authentic. Beauty is what binds us to the external world. Beauty is what creates culture-the architecture, the music, the artifacts, various dance forms and agriculture and off course knowledge. Senses are our doors to knowledge and beauty.

what  is  fundamental  to  any  culture  is  its  sense  of  beauty.  
Even though seeing is the most natural act as of now seeing doesn’t happen as we are full of theories. Seeing requires us to be present. True seeing also awakens our aesthetic sense. Beauty can help us to move away from the egoistic reasoning mind.

Various elements that are the building factor in awakening the aesthetic sense will be explored experientially from the daily context of the learner’s life.
This workshop would be meditative, self reflective and experiential with focus on keen observation of the immediate environment for colour, texture, shape etc. Various activities would be drawing, painting, clay work, wood work etc. So the focus is on experiencing of colour, form, texture etc is from the daily experience. Examples of this work can be seen at the following links. (http://www.rediscoveringchildhood.org/kumbham.htm, http://www.rediscoveringchildhood.org/ruraldesign.htm http://my.opera.com/jinankb/albums/show.dml?id=65285 http://my.opera.com/enableartisan/albums/show.dml?id=761059, http://www.rediscoveringchildhood.org/kollam.htm )